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Toronto Lindy Hop is stationed in Canada so it only seems fitting that we would hold a Dance Event in the Middle of Winter in the scenic and snowy historic Algonquin Park near Huntsville, Ontario (Feb 16th-Feb 19th). BUT before you get a big old shiver and run off in the other direction yelling “NOOOO BRING ON SUMMER!!!”, check out all the reasons why you should join us INCLUDING some of these great photos from years gone by, courtesy of Misha. AND note for all you non winter people…the cabin is warm and cozy and perfect for those who want to stay inside for the whole weekend.

Toronto Lindy Hop Winterstock

Reason # 1: It’s on a Long Weekend…So your off and probably staying home anyways..indoors. So why not join a bunch of your Lindy Hopping friends and make it a FUN Weekend?

Reason # 2: If you loved Lindystock, then you will love Winterstock because it’s a ‘Stock’ event and all ‘Stock Events’ are KNOWN for being fun..just ask anyone who has ever gone.

Reason # 3: Algonquian park is really awesome and beautiful and if you love winter activities then you are in the perfect place. Snowshoeing, Campfires, Dog Sledding, Skating, Tobogganing etc. etc. etc. For the full list of activities visit HERE.

Toronto Lindy Hop Winterstock

We also have fun INDOOR activities too, if going outside is not your thing. Including our annual talent show.

Reason # 4: The whole weekend is a ‘Pay-One-Price’ which includes your lodging and Meals (only your alcoholic beverages and some of the special activities are not included). Price for the whole Weekend…$165.  This means you can leave the wallet in your snow pants and just have fun.

Reason # 5: We do things indoors too! Like a variety show and dancing..yes dancing!

Toronto Lindy Hop Winterstock

Reason # 6: FOMO-Fear of Missing Out. You will have this…for sure if you don’t attend.

Reason # 7: Because in the end it’s a great weekend with your friends that you will have in your memory for ever. Plain and Simple.

Toronto Lindy Hop Winterstock

So join us Feb 16th-Feb 19th at Winterstock, The Wolf Den Lodge is waiting 🙂

REGISTER INFO HERE. And for more Information on Winterstock visit our up to date Facebook page.

Toronto Lindy Hop Winterstock


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