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Chazz Young

Toronto Lindy Hop is excited to announce that joining us on our already Steller lineup for “Toronto World Lindy Hop May 22nd-24th” is..CHAZZ YOUNG!

Welcome Chazz we are excited to have you in Toronto!

Who is Chazz?

Chazz Young, a spectacular dancer with a long and successful stage career, was first inspired by his father, Lindy Hop master Frankie Manning. Today he tours worldwide, spreading the gospel of Lindy Hop and Tap. In addition to his work as a choreographer and performer, he teaches Lindy Hop in his home town of Las Vegas to the most important dancers of today: the young people who are just now learning to partner dance.

Chazz Young & Frankie Manning

Chazz Young (left) and Frankie Manning (right) leading the Leonard Reed Shim Sham.

Chazz with Frankie at Herrang Dance Camp

Chazz dancing Tap at Lindyfest 2008

And here is Chazz in Toronto in 2013 for Frankie 99


Chazz at Toronto World Lindy Hop Weekend 2015:

World Lindy Hop Toronto

Chazz will not only be our special guest at both Friday and Saturday dances but he is also now be added to the workshop classes, teaching with Mandi Gould. He is also joining the Panel discussion on Sunday Morning with Dawn Hampton & Sylvia Sykes (and Rochester’s Mike Thibault) and will add another dimension to the talk about our beloved dance, the Lindy Hop.

Register Today!

Workshop Passes & Dance Passes are still available and can be purchased HERE.

ALSO (newly added): Individual classes can also be purchased a la carte at the door (space pending), $25/class.

At the door prices for the dances and Sunday Talk are as follows (space pending):

TorontoWLHD pricing

Chazz Young

source: Lightroom


See you on May 22nd-24th!


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