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Post by Stephanie Taylor
TLH Education Chair


Lindyworks is the only event of its kind in Toronto; it provides local dancers with a weekend of the highest quality Lindy Hop and vernacular jazz instruction from some of the best instructors around. It takes a lot of high quality work and dedication from many people and I extend a deep and sincere thank you to everyone who played a role in making it so amazing.

Thank you to everyone who contributed expertise and a helping hand: our door volunteers, Adelaida, Caitlin, Jessica, Danielle, Chelsea, Liz G-H, Jay, Lindsay, Luis, EB, Consuelo, and everyone on the TLH board. Thank you to everyone who competed and had a great time during our competition – you were so much fun to watch. Special congratulations to our winners Charlie and Anne!

Thank you to our bands, Alex Pangman and Her Alleycats, and Bertie and the Gents; you swung hard! Thank you to our incredible instructors Evita, Michael, Anaïs, and Aleix; I can’t say enough how wonderful it was to have you all in town sharing your expertise and love of the dance.

Thank you to the best committee: Hannah, Liz L, Natalia, and Phil B. You folks are amazing.

Most especially, thank you to everyone who came and danced their feet off this weekend! The dances were swinging’, and the energy of the classes was focused and overwhelmingly positive.

It’s a real privilege to bring such wonderful, inspiring instructors to Toronto. And through them, it’s been our privilege to help all of you fall more deeply in love with Lindy Hop and vernacular jazz. Thank you.

See you all at Lindyworks 2016!




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