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UT-Swing is bringing in two amazing Lindy Hoppers June 14th-16th and here are all the reasons on why you should attend!

Post by Jessica David-UT-Swing President


Why YOU should register for the Mike & Laura Workshop Weekend RIGHT NOW.

Hello, dancers! We’ve been having a lot of questions about the Mike & Laura weekend on June 14th–16th (that’s in two weeks!), and we want to encourage you to come out and dance with us. Here we try to answer some of those questions and convince you to register NOW!

If you’re already convinced:,en

1) Wait, who the heck are they?!

GOOGLE IT! Wait, we’ll do it for you. Mike & Laura travel the world dancing and teaching lindy hop! They also compete, perform, and much, much more. They’re dropping by Toronto to teach a workshop fresh off the heels of Stompology, a solo jazz event in Rochester the weekend before. You can learn more about them here, but better yet, why not watch them dance?!  Performing their classic routine at ILHC 2010:  Performing at Stompology 2012 with Mike Faltasek:  Also you can see them social dancing and teaching all over the place! Was that enough to convince you to register? Do it now!,en

2) Hm, that looks amazing. What’s the weekend going to be like?

Your pass includes admission to a small Friday social, seven hours of workshops, and admission to the Saturday night dance. Here is the class schedule:


• 10:30–11:30 Like a Rollercoaster, Baby Baby.

• 11:45–12:45, Fast Dancing!

• 12:45–1:45 Lunch

• 1:45–2:45 Charleston

• 3:00–4:00 Using Momentum. Because it’s SO Fun.



• 11:45–12:45 Solo Dancing

• 12:45–1:45 Lunch

• 1:45–2:45 Dancing Musically

• 3:00–4:00 Teacher feedback

They’re also going to be teaching at UT-Swing on Wednesday June 12th at Hart House! Come welcome them, learn from them, and, most importantly, DANCE WITH THEM 🙂 After that schedule, how could you NOT register?,en


3) Whoa, that is a lot of things! How much is it?

UofT students: $50 All other students: $60 Non-students: $90  We are keeping the prices fairly low because of the great turnout we had this year with our memberships. You can spend your hard-earned dollars on this now!,en


4) WHOA those are some cheap prices! But I can only go to one day 🙁

If you can only go to one day please email We will try to hook you up! Or just register for the whole weekend anyway:,en


5) Why should I take this workshop, anyway?

It’s a goal of ours to continue developing our dancers of all levels. While we are hoping to target this workshop at a begintermediate dancer, feel free to take it if you want a challenge or even to learn from them. They are two incredible instructors and you should not miss this opportunity to learn from them. They’re incredibly passionate about what they do and amazing teachers to learn from! If you’re really looking for a fun weekend to up your dancing, this is it.  I’m incredibly excited that we’re bringing in two insanely wonderful people to teach for us. Get on the floor and learn from them! 🙂 But, first, register. NOW!,en


Hope to see you there, — Jessica, UT-Swing President


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