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A while back I did a post on who the members of Toronto Lindy Hop were, here is the final installment:

Miranda Brunton-Treasurer

Miranda, but please feel free to call her Mir, started dancing the Lindy Hopping in the second year of her undergrad at McMaster University. She quickly fell in love with the dance and took as many classes as possible at Hammer Hoppers in Hamilton. After graduating from Mac, she took a hiatus for a few years from dancing to pursue her other passion, Archaeology, at the graduate studies level. Now back in Toronto, Mir is thrilled to a part of such a great dance scene. Mir is the current Treasure for Toronto Lindy Hop  and is looking forward to dancing with you!

Caitlin Wellman-Competition & Show Coordinator

Caitlin Wellman has been dancing for 17 years and teaching for 15. She’s been dancing in Toronto since 2003 but she started dancing in her hometown of Ithaca, NY and was one of the original members of Minnie’s Moochers – a multi-award winning dance troupe that performed throughout the States and Europe. She has also been judging on a professional level since 2001. Because of her vast experience as both a competitor and a judge, she is very excited to be taking on the role of Competition and Show coordinator. With the help of her committee she very excited to bring some new energy in to this aspect of the Toronto Lindy community.


Adelaida Ortega

Adelaida loves Lindy Hop, people and snacks. When she’s not eating, you’ll find her dancing up a storm at Dovercourt. Adelaida caught the dancing bug in 2012 and is happy to be a part of the Toronto Lindy Hop community. When you see her, ask her to dance or offer her a snack. Adelaida loves making new friends.

Jason Hay-Travel

Jason has been dancing for a really long time and is currently heading up Travel at TLH. Although, not much of a competitive dancer he has won the 2011 & 2012 titles in the “Solo Charleston WHILE drinking a beer division” at local and international events. Jay can be found supporting the bar if you want to dance with him 🙂

Steve Wellman-Music

Steve discovered lindy hop in 2000 and has been drinking ever since.  Wait, did I say drinking?  I meant dancing.  Yeah that’s it, he’s been dancing ever since.  He first joined TLH about 10 years ago and has helped organize countless workshops, exchanges and events for the Toronto dance community as an excuse to party.  When not traveling around the world or talking about himself in the third person Steve can usually be found playing with his band Combo Royale or fulfilling his duties on the Canadian Drinking Team by propping up the bar at Dovercourt House.  Steve is currently the Music Coordinator for TLH and is also one of the lead organizers of Lindystock, Winterstock and Swing and Blues Sundays at The Imperial.

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