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This is going to be a two part Blog Post starting with the video highlights from O-Town Showdown and then later on a full review of our Toronto Lindy Hop Road-trip to Ottawa for the Competitions.

O-Town Showdown

You might know or maybe you don’t, but O-Town Showdown is hosted afternoon of competitions in Ottawa focusing on great social dance skills, awesome attitude, creativity, and fun!

Toronto Lindy Hop wanted to see if we could get a bunch of Toronto dancers to go and either compete or just cheer on the competitors. We were aware of a handful of dancers already getting ready for this competition but we wanted to bring more and more we did! I think the count ended up being around 30 dancers total..awesome! AND the best part Toronto had dancers compete in EVERY SINGLE COMP! Good job Toronto!

Here are the competitions for your viewing pleasure…

Visit the O-Town Showdown YouTube for all the videos

On another note, BIG Thank you to Ottawa for hosting us! We had a wonderful time at your event and we are looking forward to doing it next year 🙂



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