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On Wednesday, September 9th 2009, the University of Toronto swing dance club kicked off a new term of swing dancing and Lindy Hop. The dance attracted over 60 newcomers. Jasper Palfree and Shannon Refvik taught a Lindy Hop beginner lesson. Following this, UT Swing president Heather Armstrong kicked the year off by holding a snowball dance.

UT Swing has recently found a new home. For this semester, the dances will take place at the Polish Combatants Hall (SPK) located at 206 Beverley Street, one block south of College on St. George.

Next week (September 16th) there will also be free admission before the regular prices kick in. There will be a lesson from 7:00-8:00PM followed by social dancing. Come on out for a great time. For up to date information on UT Swing, check out their website.

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About UT Swing

UT-Swing is a student-run group dedicated to the fun and fabulous
social dances of the ’20s-’50s, focusing on the Lindy Hop and the
Charleston. Our ‘big thing’ is our Wednesday events, when we host
swing dancing lessons and social dances every week in the Great Hall
of Beverley Halls SPK (206 Beverley Street, one block south of College
on St. George).

From 7:00-8:00 every week, we teach a *beginner* lesson. This means
that even if you can’t make it out for the first few weeks of the
semester, you can still drop in later and not feel completely lost.
For those of you who come by every week, you won’t find yourselves
bored after the first month or so- every lesson will feature new moves
which you can incorporate into your social dancing!

The lesson is followed by a *social dance*. The social dance allows
you to practice the moves which you’ve just learned, with dancers of
all levels of experience. But don’t be intimidated by more
experienced dancers! They were all beginners once, and they’re
continuously learning. (We Lindy hoppers know that there are no wrong
moves, just new ones!) Our more experienced dancers are very
friendly, and would love to dance with you, so be proactive and ask
them to dance!

Our regular Wednesday events cost $4/$5 to drop in
(students/non-students), or $20/$30 for a term-long membership.
Membership gets you into the Wednesday dances for free, gives you
discounts on our special events, and can give you discounts for some
events in the greater Toronto swing community.

However, the first two dances of the semester (September 9 and 16) are
absolutely *free*!

In addition to our regular Wednesday night events, UT-Swing also hosts
live band nights, workshops, and road trips to out-of-town swing
events. Last year we hosted the second Toronto University eXchange,
or TUX, a swing dance exchange hosted by university students for
university students. It was a fantastic weekend full of greatdancing
and new friends, and was one of the best Toronto swing dance weekends
of the year!

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