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Hey Everyone, Toronto Lindy Hop is super excited to announce for the first time ever that we will be having a Floorcraft Competition at our January 25th-Winter Wonderland Theme night at the Dovercourt.

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We came up with the idea at one of our meetings when we were trying to figure out a lite and fun way to bring the message of doing “Awesome Floorcraft techniques” to the dancers. Steve our music guy at TLH came up with the competition you will read about below and see on Saturday.

Here is a brief breakdown of how the “World of Floorcraft” competition will work.

Note: Signup will be at the front door at the dance that evening and there will be a Prize for the winning couple!


**All couples participating take their places in the middle, with the audience forming a circle around them. The swing music starts and you dance like normal.

**There will be referees that will call couples out.

**When either partner of a couple bump into another couple both couples will be called out regardless of fault.  The only exception is if the bump was deemed intentional in which case only the offending couple will be called out.

**Any couple that bumps into a referee or audience member will also be called out.

**As couples are called out and space is made the referees will call for the audience circle to move closer to tighten the space.

**The previous step will repeat until one couple remains.


This competition should be a lot of fun for everyone involved 🙂

As a refresher as well here is a link to our Blog Post about Floorcraft and Dance Etiquette.

See you on Saturday!


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