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Toronto Lindy Hop is continuing our tradition of bringing you fun and fantastic weekends of Lindy hop classes and dancing. This time Alain Wong and Gen St-Lo from Montréal will be in town for some seriously awesome classes and dancing. They are two of Canada’s rising stars in the Lindy hop world and we’re excited to have them all to ourselves for a weekend.

General Information about the Classes

If you’d like something to spice up your dancing, and gain some solid insights into your basics this weekend is for you.

All classes will be offered at an intermediate level. In order to get the most out of these classes you should have a firm foundation in Lindy Hop; that means you probably are taking progressive classes and you go social dancing regularly. You are familiar with the swing out, charleston and other basic 6 and 8 count moves.

Class Schedule, Pricing and Registration

Friday Night at Joy of Dance Studio — 95 Danforth Ave, 3rd Floor 7:00-8:15   Clap Hands, Here Comes the Meat! — Fun + Flash Gen and Alain will be showing you their latest jams— tricks, jumps and syncopations.

Saturday Classes at Dovercourt House — 805 Dovercourt Road 12:00-1:15   Hello Mr. Rhythm — Solo Jazz Start the day off with some sweet solo jazz styling. 1:30-2:45   Smoked Meat Yumminess — Lindy Hop Learn the foundations of Gen & Alain’s unique and YUMMY style of Lindy Hop. What makes it smooth, relaxed, comfortable and clear for both leaders and follows. 2:45-3:30 Lunch 3:30-5:30pm   Jump Session — Choreography + Performance Push your performance skills to next level with a coaching session by two of Montreal’s favorites. You’ll learn a short piece of choreography that combines solo jazz, partnered dancing and tricks, and then learn how to better perform it for public consumption.

Sunday Classes at Ralph Thornton Community Centre — 765 Queen St. East 12:00-1:15   Lazy Lady Blues — Slow Dancing to Jazz Start the day by learning how to slow down and get low. Gen and Alain will show you their recipe for close encounters of the slow kind, from drags to ballroomin’. 1:30-2:45   Jam Session — Solo Jam + Performance Jam circles made easy (and awesome)! Take your solo dancing to the next level, with tips on improvisation, dance battles, and wowing the crowd. 2:45-3:30 Lunch 3:30-4:00pm   I Believe in Music — Musicality + Rhythm Sing, tap your feet and feel the rhythm. Gen and Alain will show you how to spread the gospel of music through your whole body, and inspire you to reach past fixed patterns and repetition.

Click here to go to Swingtix and register for: The Whole Weekend Package (including all classes and dances) — $130 Full-Time Student Whole Weekend Package (including all classes and dances) — $115 (student id required when you sign-in at the workshop) Only Saturday Classes (dance NOT included) — $50 Only Sunday Classes — $45 Your spot is not guaranteed until we have received payment in full.

At the door pricing  (space permitting): Each class (except for performance class) — $16 Saturday Performance Class — $20


Dance Details

Friday Night Dance with the Solomon Douglas Quartet 9pm — 1am Joy of Dance Studio — 95 Danforth Ave, 3rd Floor $15 at the door

Swing Toronto Saturday Night Dance 9pm — 1am at Dovercourt House — 805 Dovercourt Road $13 at the door

Saturday Late Night featuring the best djs Toronto can offer! 1:30am —  4am at the Bees Knees Hive — 750 Yonge Street (above the Shoe Company) $7 at the door


About the Instructors

Alain Wong has been swing dancing for over a decade. Initially helping to grow his hometown Montreal scene with the McGill Swing Kids, he later joined the Cat’s Corner swing dance school where he still teaches today. His students describe him as being funny, creative and spontaneous, and that he has the talent to make complex dance concepts simple to understand. In his teaching, Alain focuses a lot on musicality, leading his students to explore and express themselves creatively from the get go.

Winner of many prizes, including 1st place in the Adv. Lindy Hop Jack and Jill at the Canadian Swing Championships 2012 and in the Adv. Strictly Lindy Hop at the International Lindy Hop Championships 2011, Alain is known both for his improvisational and choreography skills. People recognize him by his unique style, and say that he is authentic, creative and inspiring.

Alain is a founding member of the Northern Lights, with whom he has performed at the Frankie Manning 95th birthday celebration in New York City, as well as at the Jump Session Show in Seattle.

Although he proudly represents Quebec and Canada abroad, Alain is most keen on building the community back in his hometown and country, and looks forward to sharing his love of the music, the dance and its history during his visit.


Geneviève St-Laurent is a Lindy Hop nut. This past year, she won 1st place in the Strictly Lindy at Lindy Bout and Boston Tea Party as well as the Advanced Lindy hop Jack and Jill at Beantown Camp.  As a two time Canadian champion with her team Swing Connexion, Geneviève has also competed extensively in the US with her teammates, winning 2nd place at both Camp Hollywood and the International Lindy Hop Championships. Her most recent choreography Lay Your Racket was performed to live music by the Showdown All Star Band in New Orleans, and on stage in Seattle during the Jump Session Show. Always on the lookout for new ways to enjoy the Lindy Hop, she recently became a member of Northern Lights.

On the dance floor, Gen is known for her playfulness, elegance and boundless energy. She’s not afraid to talk, and has lots to say. Gen loves the way Lindy Hop combines the conversation between two people and freedom of movement.

As a teacher, Gen conveys her passion of swing with her enthusiasm and humour. She loves to take care of her students and tackles each learning challenge with positive energy and an infectious smile.

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