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Show the world how awesome it is to dance in Toronto!

Photo of the month-Lindy Hop

In Toronto we are very lucky to have so many places that allow us to dance the Lindy Hop. Whether it’s Saturday Night Swing at the Dovercourt with various live Swing bands, Monday’s at the Monarch Pub with Martin Loomer or everyone’s favorite Grossmans on Sunday’s, no matter what day of the week you can probably dance..somewhere (INCLUDING Dance classes).

That is why we have started the “TLH Photo of the Month” Campaign which is geared to getting you our lovely Swing Dance community involved in showing how awesome Toronto is for dancing.

All you have to do is take a picture and when you upload it to Social Media use the hashtag #TOLINDYPHOTO (feel free to also add #torontolindyhop if you want) in the post. Easy Breezy, you’re done.

THEN…each month we will pick an image to feature in our newsletter of the new month and on our other social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest). You will also be able to check out the collection of images on our website HERE.

Let’s get everyone excited about dancing in Toronto because WE know you love dancing here so let’s see it in images.

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