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We’ve finally caught up on sleep (almost) after our Swedish Meatballs weekend of instruction and inspiration!

Thank you to everyone who came out, from near and far. A huge thank you to our legendary instructors, Daniel, Åsa, Ewa and Lennart, who shared their accents, humour, their expertise and love of the dance with Toronto (and beyond). They’ve enriched our scene immensely!

Organizing such a workshop requires a lot of support and we are very lucky to have great people to work with in Toronto. Thank you to all our volunteers, especially Phil & Evan (gofer geniuses), Jason (sound system chauffeur), Mandi Gould(sound system saviour), Simon Threlkeld & Andy (Saturday night collaborators), Dongshin Nam (door coordinator extraordinaire), Dan Amores, Caitlin Wellman and Jasper Palfree (Jack & Jill helpers), Cat’s Corner in Montreal (Jack and Jill prize provider), Liz Gruening Hay (marketing maven),SwingTix and Geoff Oakham (registration awesomeness & piano provider) and everyone who lent us a hand when we needed it.

There were a few surprises along the way, we’ve learned a few lessons and we’re excited to continue growing the Toronto scene. This was the kick off of Toronto Lindy Hop’s new workshop series. We’ll be bringing the best instructors from across Canada and the world to Toronto, to instruct, inspire and enrich our Lindy Hop community. So Save the Date for Smoked Meat – February 22-24, 2013. Toronto Lindy Hop is proud to present workshops with Gen St-Lo & Alain Wong from Montreal!

Thank you again to everyone who participated!

Smiles & Swing outs,

Phil, Shannon & Stephanie
Toronto Lindy Hop – Education Committee

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