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As part of the successful Damon Stone weekend, there was a Jack & Jill organized by the members of STAT in conjunction with Swing Toronto. This night had a great turnout and featured the ever-so-taleneted Gord Webster and his band. Gord and company kept the floor swinging all night long and all morning long! At 2AM Gord came back to play a late-night blues set that kept people dancing until the wee hours of the morning.

The Jack & Jill had forty people participate. There were two preliminary heats from which five leads and five follows were picked for the finals. The contestants danced to three songs each in the prelims to DJ’d music. The finals were held with the band and started off with a blues all-skate. Following the all-skate was a couples spotlight. Judges included Caitlin Wellman, Damon Stone, Arthur Lulu and Brooke Filsinger Groberg.

The winners of the Jack and Jill were:

1. Randy and Kerry
2. Phil and Mélisande
3. Dave and Jaime

Check out the videos below of the competition and of the late night dancing.

Prelims Heat 1


Prelims Heat 2

Finals Blues All Skate

Finals Spotlight Dance

Late night dancing at 4AM – The Joint is still Jumpin’

A special shout out to all of the organizers who made this wonderful weekend happen!

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