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UT Swing is presenting a full day of talks (Nov 2nd) presented by Glenn Crytzer, one of the swing scene’s foremost bandleaders and musicians.  There will be 4 presentations covering the fundamentals of jazz and swing music, band instrumentation and arranging and a history of jazz from its 19th century roots up to swing-era boom in the 1940′s.  These talks and presentations are designed for all people no matter what your background or interest is in jazz — if you are new to jazz music or an expert, or if you have never danced a step in your life or you’re a veteran swing dancer these talks are designed for you!

About Glenn Crytzer

Glenn is the bandleader of “Glenn Crytzer and his Syncopators” and “Crytzer’s Blue Rhythm Band” both based in Seattle, WA.   Here’s Glenn’s bio from his website:

“Musical director Glenn Crytzer’’s background includes both classical music and jazz. He earned his Bachelor of Music in classical composition from the Florida State University in 2003 and a Master of Music in classical composition from the Cleveland Institute of Music in 2006. Crytzer’’s classical works have been programmed by the American Modern Ensemble, the Hachidori Duo, the Northwest Symphony Orchestra and more. In 2005 he was awarded a BMI Student Composer Award for his Orchestral piece “Nocturne Fantasy.”

While a college student, Crytzer took up swing dance as a hobby. Through dance, he became interested in classic jazz and took up the banjo. In 2005, he founded the Any Measure Jazz Band at the Cleveland Institute of Music; a band which allowed Crytzer and his colleagues, all studying classical music, to learn about performing early jazz. After a move to Seattle in 2006, Crytzer founded the Syncopators and took up the guitar in order to add swing era music to the band’’s repertoire, which at that time focused solely on 20’s “Hot Music” and New Orleans Jazz. In 2008 Crytzer founded his Blue Rhythm Band which expanded the Syncopators to a full 13 piece, swing era big band.

Crytzer has combined his love of composing with his love of jazz both through composing classical music which is heavily influenced by his jazz sensibilities as well as by composing and arranging new work for the Syncopators and Blue Rhythm Band. The Syncopators’ album “Harlem Mad” contains 20 of Crytzer’s original songs, and the Blue Rhythm Band’s album “Chasin’ the Blues” includes 12 of Crytzer’s original arrangements – 3 of which are original songs including tracks like “Rachin’ in Rhythm” a track which nods its head to both Duke Ellington’s classic title as well as Rachmaninoff’s “Piano Concerto Number 2”, and “Dickey’s Blues,” a song constructed from leitmotives from Richard Wagner’s “Der Ring des Nibelungen.”

In addition to his role as bandleader with the Syncopators and Blue Rhythm Band, Crytzer has performed as a sideman on guitar and/or banjo with the Solomon Douglas Swingtet, the Greg Ruby Quartet, The Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band, Bria Skonberg’s Century Ballroom All-stars, the Echos of Harlem Orchestra, Casey MacGill and Friends, The Careless Lovers, Meschiya Lake, Dave Holo, and many others.”

Class Descriptions

The presentations will consist of several videos, recordings and an in-depth discussion on a range of topics. Please feel free to bring any questions that you may have for Glenn!

The Fundamentals of Music (75 minutes) – This presentation will cover the basics of how music works and the terminology you can use to describe these concepts.

Striking Up the Band (75 minutes) – Specifics about the different instruments we hear in jazz as well as the roles of arrangers, composers, bandleaders, and more. We’ll also discuss different styles of Jazz music.

The History of Music: Part 1 of 2 (75 minutes) – We’ll trace the evolution of jazz from its 19th-century roots up to the swing era (1927) in addition to the simultaneous development of swing dancing.

The History of Music: Part 2 of 2 (75 minutes) – We’ll continue tracing the evolution of jazz through the swing-era boom of the 1940s in addition to the simultaneous development of swing dancing.

For Dancers

The history of swing music is intricately linked to jazz and swing dancing.  If you’re a dancer then learning as much as you can about music, bands and the jazz history will be invaluable to your dancing.  Here’s Glenn on the importance of jazz music and how this workshop will be beneficial to your dancing:

“The dancers that we all look up to from the ‘30s and ‘40s grew up with the culture of this music around them, so their understanding came from immersion. This workshop will give you a foundation in the music, an understanding of the history and different styles, and tools you can use to help you listen more carefully and delve more deeply into the music. Opening up your ears steps your dancing up a level – instantly.”

Location and Registration

The workshop will be held on Saturday, November 2nd, 2013.

Price for the whole day is $20 students/$40 non-students. NOTE: You will be able to buy online very shortly just finalizing details before going live. Stay tuned!

If you wish to pay by cash or cheque, you must pay in full by Wednesday, October 30th, or else pay the at-the-door price. You can bring cash to UT-Swing on October 23rd or October 30th; have the doorshifter take your name down so we can update our records accordingly. You may pay by card up until the event. Cash or cheque will only be accepted at the door.
At-the-door price will be $25 students/$45 non-students. Additionally, you may drop in to individual workshops for $7 students/$12 non-students each.

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