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Toronto Lindy Hop to Particpate in Luminato 2009

Photo Credit: Victoria Feistner

Toronto Lindy Hop is proud to announce that we will be participating in Luminato’s “Light on Your Feet” series again this year.  “Light on Your Feet” spotlights different dance forms throughout the week.  This year they have selected Swing dancing as the big finale to close out the show on June 10th, 2009.  This year we expect over a thousand people to attend, so this will be a prime opportunity to share and showcase Lindy Hop in Toronto.

The evening will feature a swing dance lesson at 7PM for an hour.  Following this, members of Bees Knees Dance, Hogtown Swing, Lulul Hop, and the Swing and Tap Dance Academey of Toronto will be performing.

Videos from Luminato 2008

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