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Here are the top lucky thirteen reasons why you won’t want to miss a minute of the the Smoked Meat Workshop Weekend (Feb 22-24) with Alain and Gen.
Registration is open now!

1. They’ve come all the way from Montréal to share the dance with you, and trust us, you won’t want to miss that.

2. Whether you’ve been dancing for several months or many years, their insightful teaching methods provide a rewarding learning experience for dancers of all levels.

3. The world famous Solomon Douglas band is playing Friday night!

4. Smoked Meat not required.

5. Solo Jazz class with Gen.

6. A whole two hours dedicated to working on your performance skills (Alain & Gen are awesome performers who have performed at events like Camp Jitterbug in
Seattle, ULHS, ILHC, and CSC).

7. They’re both current members of the Northern Lights, one of Canada’s most successfully competitive and impressive performance troupes.

8. Let’s face it, everything sounds more sophisticated in a French accent.

9. As professionals, they’ve collaborated with many of Lindy Hop’s most notable top tier dancers.

10. Late night dance ’til the wee hours of the morning on Saturday night.

11. Alain Swings both ways –  and looks great in a French made outfit (see what we did there?).

12. “Bonjour Quebec” themed dance on Saturday night with the Terra Hazelton band.

13. They are two of the nicest instructors in all of Lindy Hop.

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