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Vintage hairstyle 1

Snood vintage Hairstyle

I LOVE fashion from the 40s and the 50s and if you opened my teeny tiny closet you will see that it is becoming a tad bit jammed with all my finds. What I also love and still trying to master is the vintage hairstyles that go with those fabulous dresses I own (or hope to own in the near future). Since I’m not rich and don’t have a personal hairstylist I’m forced to go at it alone and as girl who is still trying to master liquid eyeliner I realize that I need all the help I can get. Insert my guardian vintage hairstyle angel…”Lisa Freemont Street”.

Ashley (which is her real name) can be found on her YouTube channel, her blog and on Facebook.  She mostly does Vintage hair/makeup tutorials & product reviews but has also branched out to other vintage topics (which you can find on her blog & Facebook page). She is entirely self taught (which gives me great hope that I too will look just as fab as her one day!) and her main goal is just to share what she loves.

What I absolutely love about her YouTube tutorials is that she steps you thru the process with text and with visuals (not a lot of talk, more of getting down to business with great background music). She also lets you know what tools she is using and where you can find them (only bummer for us fellow Canadians is trying to find the equivalent store here in Canada).

Her “How to tutorials” ranges from (as examples): hairstyles like you seen in the Pinup pictures by Vargas and Elvgren; standard 1940s & 50s hairdos and she has even recently undertaken replicating the hairdos of your favorite Disney princesses (I have also wanted to look like a princess, and now I can!). You want a certain vintage look? she will probably have it. Don’t see it there? Drop her a line and if she has enough requests you might see it posted in the near future.

So run on over ladies to the Lisa Freemont Street pages and start putting your vintage look together for your next Lindy event (or to just go to work). I’m currently working on the styles I will wear to the “Viva Rockabilly weekend” in Las Vegas this Easter Weekend and I think I got some cool styles down…I hope! So stay tuned for a review & pictures on that event.

I have also added to the blog a picture of my pride and joy hairstyle “Evening Snood”, I tackled after being inspired by Lisa Freemont Street.

Happy Styling!


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