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Thank you to everyone from us here at Toronto Lindy Hop for a fantastic Lindyworks Weekend of dancing, competitions, live music, and workshops! We’re veryexcited to start working on Lindyworks 2014!

Thank you to everyone who came out this weekend.

Especially huge thank yous to
– all our super volunteers (Andrew Anastasovski, Phei Mei Oon, Phil Kim,Tyler Cowan, Adelaida Ortega, Eileen Jones)
– all the visitors we met from outside of Toronto (we hope you got home safe)
– all the hosts who opened their homes to new (and old) dancing friends
– Crema Coffee Co. for the caffeine
– Odd Socks for hosting a rocking Saturday dance
– our awesome bands and DJs
– everyone who competed in the Strictly and everyone who cheered the competitors on!

A giant thank you to Michael Darigol & Brittany Johnson for filling our heads and hearts with music and Lindy Hop!! We hope you get home safely and come back soon!

Brittany and Dargoff shared a whole lot of information this weekend and Dargoff helpfully posted a bunch of the links they were talking about. Here’s the post from Dargoff below:

Songs Used
Sweet Georgia Brown by Buck and Bubbles (first solo class)
Aw You Salty Dog by Leon Redbone (second solo class)
Solo Contests(these contests are so tiring but still amazing)
Stefan, Adam, Sakarias


Jojo, Frida

Stefan and Bethany


Stayed tuned for more exciting workshops hosted by TLH this fall!

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