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TLH is super excited to be bringing the incomparable Brittany and Dargoff to Toronto for a whole weekend of Lindyworks workshops September 6-8th!

We know that having an even number of leads and follows in class makes for an awesome workshop, and in order to have that happen, we’ve put registration for followers on hold and opened a wait list for follows until a few more leads sign up. So leads, please register soon! Follows, if you would like to be on the wait list drop us a line at We are registering follows as leaders register.

Head on over the Swingtix now to register!

We realize that Seattle (where they are from) is far away and you may not have had the opportunity to meet or dance with Brittany and Dargoff, so we’ve compiled a list of our top reasons we’re excited to have them in town. In no particular order:

1. They have a unique combination of solid technique and creative movement that Toronto has not seen before.

(ILHC 2012)

2. They will be teaching classes that will improve your partner dancing and your solo dancing, while  learning some “Britgoff Original Moves” along the way. This is a great opportunity to develop your technique so your creativity can shine through.

3. Brittany’s swivels are a marvel of the modern Lindy Hop world.
(She’s the follower with a white headband and jeans dancing with Eric Shaw from Vancouver, the lead wearing the vest. They won this competition together.)

(See the swivels in action at 19 seconds)


4. They have a great sense of humour.


(ILHC 2011)

5. Dargoff’s facial hair.

Photo Credit: Justin Lee


6. 6 count swing outs.

(Skip to 3’26 to see the awesomeness.)

7. TWO incredible band nights, and TWO full days of classes for only $125! (The price goes up at the door, so register now!)
All the SWEET Details are HERE. 

8. There will be a Strictly Lindy Competition with prelims on Friday and finals on Saturday!
Register Here! 

9. Don’t be mislead by their cool aerials, impressive competition and performance track record, their social dancing is awesome.

10. They teach really fun classes.

Photo Credit: Justin Lee

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