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Hi Everyone, it’s Liz from Toronto Lindy Hop and I’m in charge of Fashion and History here at TLH Headquarters.  As many of you know when I Lindy Hop I try to always dress up and look the part of someone from the 1940’s or 50’s. Even during the day I have found myself dressing more in the vintage look than jeans and t-shirts. I’m just feel more like “me” when I wear vintage (or reproduction) clothing then I do in normal street wear.

So with that said, when I’m dancing I always get asked about “where I got that dress?”, or “how did you do your hair?” etc. so I felt that starting a blog for TLH would be the best way to give you MY take (and my future guest bloggers take as well) of everything you need or want to know about living the vintage life with a Toronto Lindy Hopper twist (aka some Cdn content).

My TLH blog post can actually be found on my newly started personal blog called “The Vintage Inn-A place where all things Vintage live.  A “Catch all” you could say of clothing, hair & makeup posts, online shopping tips, where to vintage shop in Toronto, etc.

I hope you enjoy my first post on “Key Looks of the 1940’s for Toronto’s Swing out to Victory

Liz-Toronto Lindy Hop


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