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Hey hey everyone did you know that on April 13th, 2013 there is an amazing night of jazz and dancing happening at the Palais Royale? Yuppers it’s Jaymz Bee’s 50th Birthday Bash and in typical grand and awesome Jaymz Style he is going all out!

The Bands:

Alex Pangman and her Alley Cats,

Terra Hazelton & her Easy Answers,

Chris Norton from NYC’s Sky Blue,

Barbra Lica,

The Shuffle Demons and special  surprise guests!

Why you should go?

1. It’s Jaymz Bee’s 50th Birthday! Who is Jaymz Bee you might ask? Well if you have ever been to a Dovercourt dance when the 91.1 fm Jazz Safari comes in you would of see and maybe even met the leader of this safari “Jaymz”. He is uber passionate about Jazz and sharing it with others and tries to support the Saturday Night Swing dances when his “Safaris” are on as much as possible.

2. It’s at the Palais Royale! Never been to the Palais? Well well my friend you must run (not walk) to your computer and buy your tickets ASAP because the Palais is a swing dancers dream, the floor is outstanding to dance on. The floor is a sprung, cantilever hardwood floor. Not sure what that means to you? just dance on it for 5 mins and you will know why the Palais is a dancers dream. The venue itself is filled with a ton of history as it was a dance hall starting in the 1920’s where all the greats have played..and I’m very serious when I say the greats, Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, Count Basie just to name a few. The Palais a few years ago underwent a major renovation and has been restored to it’s 1920’s Art Deco beauty, there is even an outdoor dance floor that overlooks the water so you can dance under the stars all night long (might be a bit chilly in April but I won’t stop you lol).

3. The dovercourt has no dance that night as all your swing dancing friends will be at this event!

4. It’s Dress up time! Break out your best 1920’s-40’s clothes and take a million black and white Instagram photos at the event. Your friends and family will think you just stepped back in time 🙂

5. There is Karaoke in the downstairs lounge…hello Karaoke! So if you get tired of dancing then you can head downstairs and work on your singing chops. Maybe Alex or Terra will hire you to work with them on their next gig 😉

6. Complimentary Pizza and Mac N’ Cheese Served-YUM!

What is the price for all this fun??? $40 that is it and the money will help benefit the “Unison Benevolent Fund”

Tickets are selling super fast, so scoop yours up today!

For Tickets visit here:

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