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Have you heard of Frankie100?

It’s a celebration of the life and legacy of Frankie Manning happening in New York City May 22-26th. Dancers from all over the world (quite literally) will be coming together for a very special weekend of dancing, lectures, films, music, classes, competition and camaraderie. It’s sure to be the largest Lindy hop party ever!

Special guests, bands, venues, and all sorts of goodies are confirmed daily, you can keep tabs on the Facebook event here!

Did you know that Frankie100 is a uniquely Canadian endeavor with deep roots here in Toronto?
Mandi Gould (who you might know from Bees Knees’ Dance) is one of the head organizers.
Other Canadians working on the event include Alain Wong and Daphna Harel from Montreal, and Eileen Jones from Ottawa.
Many Toronto dancers are also involved! Reesa Del Duca, Shannon Refvik and TLH’s own Jessica David, Jay Hay and (myself) Stephanie Taylor are all playing important roles in making this event come to life! Feel free to talk to any of us if you have any questions or want to find out more about the event.

Set your alarm as registration for North America opens Thursday September 19th at 5pm Toronto time!

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