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This past weekend here in Toronto, we celebrated the life of “Frankie Manning” who would of be 99 this year in a fun filled weekend with Chazz Young and Gordon Webster and it was awesome! Also at this same event we also announced the winners of the “Frankie Manning Spirit Award“. The award was given to a lead and follower (and in Toronto’s case a third winner who leads AND follows) who embodied the following:

* Someone who is nice to everyone and always says yes when asked to dance

* Someone who dances with joy

* Someone who is a great ambassador for Lindy Hop

* Someone who makes their partner feel like a queen/king

* Someone who loves lindy hop and big band era swing music

* Someone who is passionate about getting others involved

* Someone who is humble

* Someone that lifts people’s spirits and makes them happy


Charlie Foster

Shannon Refvik

Phei Mei Oon

Congrats to the three of you for carrying on the Spirit of Frankie Manning!

Honourable Mentions:

* Alcina Chiu

* Sam Dobbie

* Adelaida Ortega

* Mandi Gould

* Jasper Palfee

* Ani Novshadian

* Lisa Zych

* Erika Palakovic

* Simon Threlkeld

* Tyler Cowan

* Divya Shah

* Dean Villafurete

* Marvelous Martha

And a congrats to all the Honourable Mentions!




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