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So, you know how we just posted about all the NOLA jazz love that is happening next weekend? Well guess what?  That’s not the only thing that is happening.  If blues is more yo’ thang’ then you are in luck!  Super luck in fact.  There’s also a blues workshop weekend happening and you should totally check that out.  I mean come on, you have a replicator, right?  I think there’s an app for that.

Don’t know who John Lozano is?  Here are the details from the Facebook event:

“With more than a decade of experience as a dance instructor, John has inspired new generations of dancers throughout the US and Canada. As a dancer he embodies the spirit of the music, and a playfulness that invites others to do the same. When teaching he maintains an emphasis on fun, comfort, technique and creativity …in exactly that order. Much like his dancing, his teaching style is adaptive and is tailored to fit each audience. Over the years he has developed a breakdown of movement which has yet to be matched. He brings a knowledge of the components that are fundamental to partnered movement that can be mixed together, giving leads the ability to create their own moves and gets follows into the open space of receptivity that is often bound by patterned movements. With this understanding, his students can quickly dance and style in a way that they find best suits each and every song.”

It’ll be a great weekend.  For reals.

On Friday night Mama Hen and The Big Roosters will be playing at the Dance Annex.  Details on the dance are on the Facebook event.  This band will knock your socks off (and perhaps other articles of clothing) so check them out!

Best news is both events will be having their Saturday night dances at the same place.  So be there.  Bertie and the Gents will be playing at Dovercourt House and it promises to be a great night of music and dance.


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