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This year the Kitchener Waterloo Swing Dance Society is kicking off the summer with a full-day “Swing Into Summer” lindy hop workshop featuring the amazing Caitlin Wellman from Toronto.  There will be classes for all levels of dancers; intermediate and experienced dancers will find themselves pushed to improve their form and style on the dance floor, but anyone who is comfortable with 8-count lindy hop basics (swingout, circle, etc) are also welcome and will have plenty of chances to learn and improve.

For full details about the workshop, evening dance and registration information please visit the Swing Into Summer Workshop website.  Note that online registration closes on June 4th.  You can still register at the door but the prices will go up so register online if you can!

About Caitlin

Caitlin Wellman is a dancer, singer, teacher, performer, and choreographer living in Toronto. She currenty teaches at the Swing and Tap Academy of Toronto.

Caitlin was a founding member of the multi-award winning performance troupe Minnie’s Moochers, from Ithaca, NY, who recently performed at the Frankie95 Celebration in NYC. She has been in demand as a teacher across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia for many years. Caitlin is the co-director & choreographer for Capital Dance Productions, a performance troupe that specializes in 20th century North American partner and solo dances. She has also been the artistic director & choreographer of The Flappettes, a sassy all female 1920’s Jazz & Charleston troupe. Recently, you might have seen Caitlin teaching, judging, and performing at some of these well-known intenational events!

  • Canadian Swing Championships (May 2010, Montreal QC)
  • Midwest Lindy Fest (April 2010, Minneapolis MN)
  • Followlogie (November 2009, Quebec QC)
  • International Lindy Hop Championships (August 2009, Arlington VA)
  • Southern Belle Swing Bash (August 2009, Atlanta GA)

Check out this video of Caitlin performing with Peter Strom and the rest of the instructors at the infamous Beantown Camp in 2005 (she’s the one wearing the red shirt and black shoes).

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