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Have you ever been to Dovercourt and wondered why so many people were wearing red shirts? Most likely they are part of the Dance Ambassadors team.

The Dance Ambassador program was started several years ago to help new dancers to Toronto feel welcome. The Dance Ambassadors (DAs) are experienced dancers who volunteer a couple of hours a month to attend beginner lessons, and dance with newcomers to Lindy Hop or to Toronto. They serve as ambassadors to the Toronto Lindy Hop community, and are there to field your questions, and spread the love of Lindy Hop. Ask one of them to dance, or they may ask you!

If you would like to be a part of the DA team for next year (the year runs Sept. to June), you’ve been dancing for more than a year, and frequently attend Lindy Hop dances, let me (Sue) know. We currently have a full roster, but I’ll put you on the list of interested people for when there’s an opening!

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