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Bees Knees Dance is in need of someone to sign a one year lease on their space!

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A rare opportunity to Grow Your Business

This spacious Yonge & Bloor studio is perfectly located to attract clients from across Toronto & the GTA.

The right location is like money in the bank!

This vibrant space boasts a spacious entrance/waiting room where your clients can sign-in or rest up, and a newly-renovated bathroom.

Available 8-5pm Monday to Friday & Weekends for only $1500 per month.

The studio comes equipped with:

  • a professional PA system
  • full-length mirrors
  • a coat rack and cubby spaces
  • folding tables and chairs

Storage is also available on-site.

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Message from Mandi Gould Owner of Bees Knees Dance:

Dear Students both past & present, Dancers, Supporters & Friends,

We love our studio and the many good times we’ve shared here.

Unfortunately, love won’t pay the rent.

To help keep the Hive alive, we need to find a daytime occupant for our beautiful space before the new year. So I’m turning to you, our wonderful dance community, for help.

How you can keep the Hive alive

Talk: Dancers are a diverse lot. We know tons of people in different fields. I’m asking you to turn to YOUR community of contacts – personal and professional. Please help spread the word to anyone you think might be a good fit for our studio … theatre groups, dance groups, yogis, photographers, massage therapists, etc. We’ve made a special page about the rental so you can refer them to for more details

Distribute: I’m asking you to please print off ten copies of the image/ poster in this blog (right click to save image and then print), and to post them in your favorite coffee shops, libraries, schools and rec centres.

Refer: If you connect me with someone who signs a one-year lease to rent the space Monday -Friday from 8-5 + weekends, I’ll give you $500 in cold hard cash as a hearty thank you! Yes, you read that right. Either we find a full-time renter or we’re closing shop, so offering the reward is worth it to us and I hope that you’ll take the incentive seriously and help us out.

Other ways you can help: Please Facebook, tweet and blog about our space and link to the poster. You may have friends you didn’t even know were looking for space!

I can’t begin to tell you how much this community means to me, and how much I’ll miss it if we have to close. I know I’m not alone in this feeling, so what are you waiting for? Please keep the Hive alive!

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