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Saturday November 22nd Toronto Lindy Hop is very proud to host a day of classes with local, Homegrown instructors! We’re very excited that we have incredibly skilled, engaging instructors in Toronto with decades of experience teaching and Lindy Hopping. So come on out, challenge yourself, learn some new things, bring your friends along for the beginner classes, and enjoy the talent we have in our own city!

Here is more information about our instructors.

Three levels of classes, including an open level LIVE band musicality class for dancers!

All classes will be held at Dovercourt House – 805 Dovercourt Road

Prices, and registration are here!

We are running three tracks of classes!

Beginner – Tell your friends to check out this awesome dance we do! This track is for people just starting their Lindy hop journey! We look forward to dancing with you. No experience necessary, no partner necessary.
This track consists of one beginner Lindy Hop class followed by the Live Band Musicality Class.

Intermediate – You want more to add to your dancing and we’ve got it! This track is for dancers who are familiar with the Swing Out and other basic moves. If you have been in classes for less than a year, and go social dancing a few times a month, this track is for you.
This track is composed of an Intermediate Lindy Hop class (Intermediate Lindy Hop I), then choose between a solo jazz class and a second Intermediate Lindy Hop class (Intermediate Lindy Hop II), and finish your day with the Live Band Musicality Class.

Advanced – Challenges galore! Audition for either the A or B class. This level is for you if  you’ve definitely done class series, you probably go out dancing more than once a week, and you have been dancing for at least a year. You are proficient at Swing outs and Swing out variations, tandem Charleston, side by side Charleston, and other such moves.
This track starts with an audition where you will be placed in one of either Lindy Hop Advanced A or Lindy Hop Advanced B, followed by a solo jazz class and finished with the Live Band Musicality Class.


All classes are 70 minutes long with the exception of the Musicality Class. The Musicality Class will be 90 minutes long.

11:15 – Doors open followed by Audition for the Advanced Lindy Hop Class
12:00 – Advanced Lindy Hop A or Advanced Lindy Hop B
1:20 – Intermediate Lindy Hop I or Int/Adv Solo Jazz
3:00 – Intermediate Lindy Hop II or Beginner Lindy Hop
4:20 – Live Band Musicality Class

All the funds raised at Homegrown and Cabaret support the programs and events that Toronto Lindy Hop hosts. By coming out and enjoying yourself you’ll be helping Lindy Hop in Toronto!  

For further information on this workshop please visit HERE

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