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Cost: Early Bird pricing of $120 for all classes and dances. Price goes up September 1st.

Its back! TLH’s workshop weekend “Lindyworks”! And this Sept 19th-21st we are proud to announce that we are bringing not 1 teacher, not 2 teachers but 4 teachers to Toronto!!!

Evita & Michael from New York City

Alain Fragman from Montreal

Sylwia Bielc from Montreal
So Save that date for Sept 19th-21st because you are NOT going to want to miss this all.

All details to be announced soon but here are some of the highlights…….


Three levels of Lindy Hop as well as jazz and technique classes.

There is a mandatory placement session on Saturday morning if you would like to take classes in either Level 2 or Level 3.

Level Descriptions

Level 1: Lindy Hop Friends

Lindy Hop is a friend you’re getting to know better day by day. You are probably taking progressive Lindy Hop classes and you go social dancing regularly. You are comfortable with basic Lindy Hop moves including the swing out, tuck turn, Lindy circle, and side by side Charleston. You’re looking for something to work on in your dancing and you’d like to expand your repertoire of moves and stylings.

Level 2: Lindy Hop BFFs

Lindy hop is your best friend and you’re learning its secrets. You’ve taken classes and workshops and have probably travelled to other scenes to expand your dancing prowess. Faster tempos on the dance floor are exciting to dance to, you are comfortable mixing 6-count and 8-count moves, and “mistakes” morph into new moves and variations. You’re ready to work hard, challenge yourself, and discover more about Lindy Hop.

Level 3: Lindy Hop Life Mates

Lindy Hop is your life mate. This level will be truckin’ on through difficult material quickly. You probably teach and perform on a regular basis, and also practice regularly off of the social dance floor. You know better than to ask what ‘count’ a move is on and you are comfortable dancing at any tempo. Be prepared to be challenged and inspired!

Solo Jazz for all Levels

Solo Jazz is awesome and our instructors will be serving up great classes where you can dance by yourself. The instructors will assume a knowledge of basic solo jazz moves, such as apple jacks, boogie drops, and the moves in the shim sham.

Technique for all Levels

You can’t have cool moves without good technique; technique touches every part of dance. Our instructors will focus on a topic of their choice. These classes will equip you with tools to enhance your dancing, allowing you to have even more fun on the dance floor!


Friday Night:

To get you ready for a great weekend, Dovercourt will be swingin’ with live music provided by Bertie and the Gents!

Dovercourt House is located at 805 Dovercourt Rd.

Doors @ 8:30
Band @ 9:00

$13 at the door (or included with your full weekend pass)

There is plenty of free street parking around Dovercourt House, but note that it is only free until midnight. They do ticket if you’re parked there after midnight! You can park past midnight on Danforth Avenue.

Saturday Night:

Another night of awesome music at Dovercourt House to keep your feet happy! More details soon to come!






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