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Join Randy Panté ( and Kathleen Molto for a mini-workshop crash course on lindy hop.

Workshop Info

We teach dance classes the way we wish we were taught when we first started out dancing. We believe in teaching what reflects the unique nature of lindy hop:

– Innovation not conservation.
– An emphasis on personal expression over perfection of patterns.
– Improvisation.
– Musicality.
– Partnership.

This special beginners workshop focuses on what makes lindy hop the best dance in the world – awesome social dancing.

In this workshop we will go over:

– how to lead and follow the most common moves in lindy hop.
– how to *really* dance and add your own personality while still leading and following.
– swing outs (a social dance move)
– how to add vernacular jazz steps to your dance and still keep on time with the music.


Sunday, June 12, 2010

12:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Yonge and Bloor Studio

765B Yonge Street, Toronto


$30 adults
$25 students

There is a maximum number of 14 attendees for this workshop (7 leads and 7 follows). Please RSVP to confirm your spot. Email or find us on facebook.

Who is this workshop for?

(1) for beginner swing dancers who have previously taken group classes (drop-ins or series set) and are starting to really get in the “swing” of things. This workshop will take your dancing to the next level.

(2) intermediate leads who have taken a bunch of classes and know a bunch of moves, but want to tie it all together to make their dances as comfortable and easy for their follows as possible.

Instructor Info

Randy and Kathleen have been dancing together since fall 2009 and are described as young, energetic, and full of joy when it comes to their dancing.

Randy is probably Toronto’s most active social dancer. He dances lindy hop, blues, mambo, funk, and soul on a weekly basis and can be found usually at the Yonge & Bloor Dance Studio or at the Dovercourt House. Randy travels a lot to improve his dance skills and is Toronto’s defending jack and jill champion (, a competition where you are judged on how well you dance socially with a randomly chosen partner.

Kathleen has been dancing irish dancing for as long as she can remember and has been teaching little kids their left foot from their right foot for the city of Toronto for years. In a short amount of time, she has been able to pick up lindy hop and blues and now currently teaches beginner lindy hop and progressive blues for Bees Knees Dance.

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