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Psssst! Have you heard what’s going on with Bees’ Knees Dance?

You may have heard the rumours – there are big changes in the air with Toronto’s biggest swing dance school! Read below to be in the loop with our new management, venue, and events.

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A Legacy Continued

When Mandi Gould first started teaching the Lindy Hop in 1998, she never could have imagined where her new project would lead. For fifteen years, Bees’ Knees Dance has given dancers in Toronto a fun and welcoming environment to learn, and learn to love, the Lindy Hop.

This summer, Mandi is stepping down as director of Bees’ Knees Dance and handing the reigns to a core group of current Bees’ Knees instructors who have been with the school for a number of years.

In this time of transition we are feeling mixed emotions: gratitude, sadness, but also excitement. We will be forever grateful to Mandi for her support, encouragement, creative vision, and dedication to the spirit of swing. Mandi embodied her own motto, proving time and time again that “anyone can dance!” and no one felt that inspiration more than us, the Bees’ Knees teachers.

Thank you, Mandi. It is our great honour to continue the legacy you have created.

What’s next for Bees’ Knees Dance?

We are incredibly excited announce this reinvention of the dance studio you already know and love! This enthusiastic team of movers ‘n’ shakers have been hard at work designing new classes, new challenges, and new opportunities to keep the spirit of the Hive alive in this wonderful city.

Starting on July 1, our new home base will be the Dovercourt House, at 805 Dovercourt road. You may have heard of this fantastic venue, it’s the same venue as Saturday Night Swing!

We are fantastically excited to announce our summer class line-up, including continuing to offer Beginner Swing 1 and Transitions Swing 1.5, as well as an exciting line-up of Intermediate Swing 2+ workshops. Stay tuned for our full launch of classes in September!

The Bees’ Knees Team

Shannon Refvik, Heather O’Shea, Kris Light, Reesa Del Duca, Phil Bourassa, Arthur Lulu, James Everett, Kevin Miller, and Jasper Palfree

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