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Toronto Lindy Hop strives to make the Lindy Hop scene a safe, fun and friendly place.  In light of the awful reports of Sexual Assault with in our global scene (information HERE, please note the accounts are graphic), we would like to recognize the strength of all survivor’s of assault.  We are in debt to them for coming forward to make our global dance scene safer.  Toronto Lindy Hop will continue to work within our community to make our scene safer and a more joyous place to dance.

Looking for Support?

Please come talk to us (in person or via email) or use our anonymous Safe Space form.  We also have a Code of Conduct, which we encourage everyone to read all about HERE.

We are here for you.

Sincerely TLH (Miranda, Jay, Liz, Stephanie, Sue, Caitlin)

P.S. Bees Knees Dance here in Toronto has also issued their own statement and Safe Space initiative, posted HERE. AND Yehoodi has recently posted an excellent video on this topic.

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