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If your new to the Lindy Hop Scene in Toronto you might not be sure of what our event on November 21st is all about. Well here you go..

What is a Homegrown?

Homegrown is Toronto Lindy Hop’s celebration of what our scene has to offer! It’s a unique day of engaging workshops taught by local teachers in support of Toronto Lindy Hop.

Homegrown goes hand in hand with TLH’s Cabaret. On Friday November 20th Toronto swing dancers will celebrate our diverse range of talent as we strut our (non-dancing) performance skills. Music! Improv! Chicken Suits! Cabaret is the place to showcase your hidden (non-dance) talent. The next day we continue the celebration with a day of workshops taught by new pairings of familiar teachers. We’ve mixed up teaching couples from local teaching organizations and have planned a day of classes guaranteed to challenge and inspire. We’re topping it all off this year with an afternoon dance and social.

Homegrown is also a fundraiser for Toronto Lindy Hop.


Toronto Lindy Hop is the not for profit dedicated to enriching the swing dance community in Toronto. Everything we do is run by volunteers who put in many, many hours of not dancing in order to make the dancing scene in Toronto that much better. We run programs such as the Dance Ambassadors and Theme nights, as well as banner events such as Lindystock and Lindyworks. We love what we do, and we want to keep doing it. By raising funds we can continue making the Toronto Lindy Hop community an awesome place to swing out!



Here are the Homegrown highlights:

**Invite your friends to take the plunge into Lindy Hop with the two “Beginner Basics” classes! We have a secret discount code for people who have never taken a Lindy Hop series before (click on the image to find the code).

Toronto Lindy Hop Free Beginner lesson Pass


**Mess ‘o Jazz Class – We’ve lined up 5 of Toronto’s solo jazz specialists to teach 5 different short routines in an hour and a half and we challenge you to learn them ALL. It will be awesome! And..We are running a contest till Nov 9th to Win A pass to this class ($20 Value). ENTER HERE.

**There will be two Intermediate/Advanced classes that will mixing teachers from Hogtown Swing, Lindy Hop Revolution, and Bees Knees dance together. Come see what new insights you can gain from these exciting pairings!

**Mini-Private lessons! Never tried a private lesson? Too expensive? Don’t know who you would ask? Register for a 10 minutes lesson for only $6. Register online early for the best choice of teachers.

**AND an afternoon dance and social from 4:30-5:30. The dance is included in a day pass, or it will be $5 at the door.

Online registration is OPEN, or you can register in person during the TLH theme night on October 24th at Dovercourt House between 9:00pm & 10:30pm.

See you at Homegrown!

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