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Hi all,

We got the following from the Queen’s Swing Club in Kingston.  They are inviting dancers to join them for their “Meet in the Middle Exchange” on the weekend of Feb. 6th and 7th.

Details from Queen’s Swing Club:

Hello fellow dancers!

Queen’s Swing Club is hosting a Lindy Hop exchange the weekend of February 6th in Kingston, Ontario, and we’d like to invite you and all the members of your club!

MEET IN THE MIDDLE is an excellent opportunity for you to meet your friends from Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal (and more!) in a convenient central location: Kingston! Not only are we featuring two nights of dancing with Combo Royale, the Cranberry Dixie Swing Band, and all your friends, but we’ve timed our event to coincide with Kingston’s Feb Fest! Feb Fest is Kingston’s winter festival featuring ice skating, tasters, etc.

We would love it if you could come! Since it is our first exchange in a long time, we are hoping you’d let us mail you some event cards to help get the word out! Please reply with your interest and mailing address (and register asap for billeting)!



My love: In your heart!


Queen’s Swing Club

Queen’s Swing Club
Kingston, Ontario
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