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Toronto Lindy Hop, especially our Cabaret and Homegrown organizing committees, would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to everyone who came out to support these two fabulous events, and to our partners in crime for Cabaret, TO Blues.

Thank you to all the Cabaret entertainers for your hard work, creativity, and professionalism. You performed brilliantly! Cabaret couldn’t have gone off without a hitch, or been such a success without the participation of each and every one of you. And thanks to our most fabulous of MCs, Nyree, you’re effervescent joy really made the evening special.

Thank you to the Homegrown Instructors: Dan AmoresLuis ArredondoE.B. Brownlie, Consuelo CastilloTerri CrockerRizwan DarNatàlia GrañéKris LightShannon Refvik, and Caitlin Wellman. Having all of the top Lindy Hop organizations in Toronto represented means so much to us and is a real testament to the friendship and camaraderie that we see every day among the entire Lindy Hop community here in Toronto.

And finally thank you to everyone who joined us in cheering on the performers, dancing until the wee hours of the morning, and growing your Lindy Hop and Jazz in the workshops. In supporting this event, one of TLH’s biggest fundraisers, you are allowing us to continue putting on the high quality programs and events that you, the community, deserve – including Dance Ambassadors, Practice Sessions, Winterstock, and more!

Congratulations to our organizers – both Cabaret and Homegrown were rousing successes this year.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all again for Cabaret and Homegrown in November 2016!


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