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Toronto Lindy Hop and Swing Era Dance Association would like to acknowledge the sexual assault against members of our global community. Assault and harassment of any form is completely unacceptable and has no place in society, never mind a welcoming community like ours.

We would like to thank those brave women for courageously sharing their experiences and speaking out against a prominent figure in our global community. To those women, and to others waiting to speak, we are listening, we believe in you and we stand by you.

As leaders in the global Lindy Hop scene, we strive to create a community of empowerment, where no one is afraid to stand up against harmful situations of any kind. If at any time you feel threatened, uncomfortable, or unsafe, on or off the dance floor, please approach any member of Toronto Lindy Hop, or the many other scene leaders. We are here for you and we can help.

Toronto Lindy Hop is dedicated to building a friendly, vibrant and fun social Lindy Hop and dance community. We want everyone in our community, from enthusiastic beginners to experienced dancers, to feel welcomed and empowered. We are committed to improving and enriching the swing dance experience in Toronto by creating inclusive, safe and fun events and social places for everyone.

The objective of our many events and programs falls in line with Lindy Focus’s “Declaration of a Safe Place“, and we are dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable event experience for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion (or lack thereof). We do not tolerate any form of assault, harassment or exploitation from our participants or the staff of Toronto Lindy Hop. We will be formalizing our official code of conduct for our events and look to create a variety of programs that will strengthen our commitment to ensuring safety in the dance community that means so much to all of us.

In addition to our events, we are strong supporters of all the events, classes, dances and workshops run by the members of our vast and wonderful Toronto dance community. From Blues to Balboa, University clubs to our LGBT community, Rock and Roll to Fusion, no one should ever feel threatened, uncomfortable, or fear while participating in any dance event in our community. These are safe and inclusive places, and it is our prerogative to keep them this way. Many leaders in our community have protocol in place to create an open, welcoming and safe environment. We are very proud of their initiatives! See Swingin’ OUT and Bees’ Knees Dance.

With admiration and respect for those courageous women, your strength has opened the conversation to help make the Lindy Hop community a safer place. You are heroes.

Toronto Lindy Hop and Swing Era Dance Association

*From Yehoodi: A Conversation on Creating Safer Swing Dance Spaces

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