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We’re incredibly excited for our upcoming Anti-Comp. From our Facebook event:

The Anti-Comp is a competition afternoon for Toronto to flex its competition muscles in a format that allows for feedback and growth as a dancer. There will be three divisions: solo charleston, short showcase (<1 minute routines), and a Jack & Jill. After you compete, you will have the opportunity to get feedback from the judges to know what it takes to compete, what skills to work on, etc. The goal of the afternoon is to allow participants to compete in a comfortable setting where they can get honest feedback on their competing and dancing abilities so they can take their dancing to the next level both in and outside of Toronto.

Still confused? Well, imagine this: you want to compete, but it looks terrifying! Additionally, you don’t like not knowing what exactly goes through a judges’ head or wish they could give you some idea of how you could maybe do better next time. Well, then this is the event for you! To keep this in the spirit of an actual competition, we are giving out prizes for first place in each of our divisions, but we’re also giving out spirit awards for those of you who bring your best lindy hop attitude to the competition floor. Rock this comp with your best footwork and biggest smile!

For some event specifics, we’re thrilled to announce some amazing local judges (and one special guest judge!) will be:

  • Luis Arredondo
  • Phil Bourassa
  • Alcina Chiu
  • Mandi Gould
  • Natàlia Grañé
  • Joanna Kassoulides
  • Turlough Myers
  • Dongshin Nam
  • Heather O’Shea
  • Jasper Palfree
  • Stephanie Taylor

Additionally, we’re excited to announce that we will be giving away some prizes including lessons from our local Toronto schools, a very silly prize to our most excited audience member, and one super big awesome one: passes to the O-Town Showdown on March 8th, 2014! That’s right, our wonderful friends in Ottawa have graciously donated passes that include entry to the event, entry to the Jack and Jill, and entry to their Friday night dance featuring the Boiler Maker Jazz Band. More information can be found on the O-Town Showdown web site. Prizes will be awarded to the first place winner of each category, as well as some special Spirit Awards:

  • “Shout and Feel It” Award for the best audience member
  • “Rockin’ in Rhythm” Award for the best musicality (and feelin’ that rhythm all the way to your toes)
  • “Killer Diller” Award for the best moves
  • “Sunny Side of the Street” Award for the best attitude

If you’re on the fence on whether or not this event is for you, take a look at Bobby White’s blog post on 23 Ways To Look At A Competition. Set a personal goal and come and join us. We’re hoping to make the day fun, rewarding, and great for your dancing, as well as a helluva good time to cheer your friends on! Register now at SwingTix.

Hope to see you throwing it down on the dance floor,
–Caitlin and Jessica

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